Very little pay.

For a project sold with a price of 19 dollars, it is very bad to get only $ 1.95.
We earn very little. But the winning envato market.


Did you submit your tax information? If you are not, then it’s ok. Otherwise, you can open a new ticket to get your answer from Envato stuff here -

That’s the correct amount for a non-exclusive author, who has sold an item to a US buyer, and the author either lives in a country that doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US, or they’ve not entered a valid tax ID number on the W8 and they do live in a country which does have a tax treaty with the US.

The only way you can increase that amount is if the item is sold to a non-US buyer, you go exclusive, you increase your item price, you move to a country that has a reduced withholding rate, or you enter a valid tax ID on your W8 if you already do live in a country that has a reduced withholding rate.

What I want to emphasize is that taxes are too much. Too much for 17 dollars tax and commission.

Thank you. I live in a country outside the United States. I’m getting a low profit for him. I understand.

Which country though… do you know the withholding rate?

I will suggest you submit your W8 form with your tax information and to be an exclusive author. Then everything will be fine bro. :slight_smile:

My country is Turkey. I have 18% tax in my country.

I understand. Thank you.

Right, the withholding rate for Turkey is 15%, so if you enter your National Identification Number, in the Foreign Tax ID section of the W8… you’ll be taxed 15% on US sales rather than 30%.

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Hello @Altug34

You can read this also: Expiring Tax Information on Envato Market

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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