Very important question before upload

My item require to enter envato Purchase code in popup window before it run.
So if buyer didn’t enter the purchase code he will not be able to use it ever, and the other windows will never open, and i cannot change that because my item have only one and very important function.
no many functions to hide some of them when not enter purchase code, its only one.

My question is: How could the envato reviewer team can test my item without enter the code?
are they have a test Purchase codes to use them for testing?


No they don’t and I am not 100% sure that you are allowed to put this functionality across the entire item

If the reviewer cannot access the demo then there is no chance of it being approved

ok, then can i upload the item without enter code window, and after they test and approved it i reupload the first file like an update?

Assuming that it is allowed to do that then yes.

It used to be in the official info that you could not restrict all functionality (I can’t find that now), and unfortunately, to anyone who has reasonable technical ability, it’s not rocket science to sidestep most precautions

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Great, i’ll find another way like limit the number of use my item to 3 for example untill buyer enter the code.
Thank you so much

You can try this. Implement the verification process and make the demo verified, disable all the write functionality to the demo.

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I’m pretty sure that reviewer is not doing test installation.

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