Very important quality upgrades. (For Directory & Listings )

Hello, my name is Alican YILDIZ. I greet everyone with love. i want to make wordpress theme sales field, quality improvements. In all the themes in the Directory Listings category, some important features must be made.
today, we’ve got into each other with a theme writer. I’m not gonna tell you who you are. Of course everyone thinks he’s right, but I’m sure I’m right.
Please put yourself in my place. They told me they’d make bug fixes. They logged in to my server for 3 hours, but there was no fix. But, I started to find other bugs and passed them to the theme owner. but since I found too many errors in the project, they told me they would not make any corrections. they force me to constantly ask for a refund. Anyway, after a long discussion, they said they would correct crash failures. (because I commented publicly) but they do not want to make a very important quality update.
I don’t want to extend the subject and tire you. I would like to ask all authors under Directory Listings to add these features.

  • If you are adding a booking module, please do not allow them to book different listings on the same date and time. Nobody can be anywhere else at the same time. (I know the doctors haven’t started cloning real people yet, or I don’t know? :smile: ) I have never seen such a feature in my life :slight_smile:
  • An advertisement added for the first time by the advertiser is submitted to the site administrator for approval. But the advertiser is not submitted for approval again after each change? You are submitting for approval at the first registration, but why aren’t the changes submitted for approval? In any case, the malicious person waits for approval, after 5 minutes he can share the nude photo or slang word he wants. We don’t look at our customers as bad people. however, anyone who does not take adequate security measures may have problems. account can be hacked. Bad content may be added without the permission of the advertiser. After each new arrangement, please re-submit for approval.
  • Allow users who purchase your theme to allow free trials for their customers. I mean, I’m trying to tell you this. Anyone who buys a theme wants this feature to be available, but may not choose to use it. For customers, they can be offered to purchase a free trial account once. or at a very affordable price, 1 time purchase right. that is, the same account cannot use a campaign product again. special price. it’s even free.
  • Theme performance should not fall below 85 points in important speed tests like pagespeeg and gtmetrix. Because the most important purpose of these themes is designed for intensive use. You sell to people who expect too many members and hope to make money. Javascript and CSS files should be accelerated as much as possible.

I am ready to serve as a quality controller in all directory & Listing theme categories. I don’t want any fees.

I want to tell my story to the theme writers. but they make up excuses not to make changes. I’m exhausted. For example, it is unreasonable to provide another booking on the same date. we don’t live in a fantastic world. You work for the real world, the real people, and the people who are hopeful to make money.

While I agree with a lot of your points, they do need to be put into context.

If you are adding a booking module
This sounds like an issue you found with a specific item rather than a category-wide issue?

An advertisement added for the first time
Again this sounds like an issue you found with a specific item rather than a category-wide issue? I would imagine this is an easy restriction to add depending on how ads are managed in different themes

Allow users who purchase your theme
It’s a nice feature but not something that should be made an expectation. This would have a significant impact on the way the theme would need to be created and things such as pressure on the hosting etc.

Theme performance should not fall below 85 points
This is a common issue raised in the forums but 95% of the time it is due to buyers not optimizing their sites, assets, or using crappy shared hosting - not things that an author can pre-empt.
Code can’t be in any way encrypted to made harder to edit so even minifying core scripts may be problematic

Again I am not saying you don’t have some sensible recommendations but to generalize on best practice and fairly specific demands in a marketplace of millions may not be that straight forward.

Hello, thank you very much for your comment. Let me explain a little.
Reservation module.
I’m not saying it should be added to all themes. If only this feature exists, corrections should be made. I’m not saying for themes that are not in the booking module.
An advertisement added for the first time
This is very important. This option must belong to the customer. The customer can wait for confirmation of each change. or if it does not want to wait, each change will be published publicly. But why is a first-time advertisement submitted for approval? Isn’t that a standard feature? it’s in almost all of the themes under the category. The following feature should also be standard: “Re-edited content should wait for approval from the site administrator before being published.”
Allow users who purchase your theme
company directory, advertisement directory, automobile market, real estate themes, bride and groom companies directory, etc. all themes, open market place. but there is a manager of this market place. The manager should be allowed to decide. a free account if he wants to, or a paid account if he doesn’t. This feature already exists on all marketplace contacts sites. but there is no possibility of restriction to limit the purchase once. The site administrator can make unlimited campaigns if he wants to. because it is possible. but there is no possibility if he wants to restrict. because such a feature was never provided.
Theme performance should not fall below 85 points
you’re right, but marketplace themes are designed for extremely intense use. The theme’s introduction says 95%. You are testing the original demo site of the theme author. Showing 40%. If you install it on your own server, the performance is still the same: 40%. That’s what I wanted to say. isn’t anyone controlling it? The seller writes promises he wants, but in the real world there are no results. Not even in the original author’s demo.
The following is something different:
It is a different matter to ensure that continuous performance is high. I didn’t explain it for continuity, but it’s nice to help people. Users should be directed to avoid losing site performance. For example, the following plug-in should be purchased, such as litespeed technology must be activated on your server. it is not too difficult to prepare a steering document. we can do this once and add it to all theme documents. Thus, the performance of the theme is permanent. I’m not talking about server features.