Very funny

Both projects have the same sound&mixing settings, but “Typical Punk Pop Rock” approved, a second - “Scarlet Sunset” - reject for reason “does not meet … samples/recording/mixing/mastering”.

Yeah this is typical.

I wonder what the guys on Audiojungle usually do when they get a reject that they don’t feel they deserve? Do you go back to the mix, polish it up further and resubmit? Or you just forget about it and start on the next one?

I just had a couple of accepts, and then a reject, where the mixing, mastering and song structure was basically the same. I’ve gone back to the rejected mixes and started polishing them up, making some smoother transitions etc. can’t help to worry though that it will seem as I just re-submit the same files…

Nice playing and composition on the first one (the approved one). I would say that it could just need its mastering improved. It’s missing in the highs (sounds muffled), so a tape/tube saturator and/or some EQ would further improve it.

I know that one was improved but the second reviewer might have been more picky on the sound.

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Hi Mate,

nice songs!

I think perhaps because both songs are different and mastering mix works differently than the other, you would have to mix another song again, I find that the drums in reject song does not work

that’s just my appreciation :slight_smile:

Maybe the fault is at the fact that reviewers differ between them and they have their subjective criteria . But it is music , it is bound to be subjective at a point .

Curiosity : has it ever happened to someone that they were rejected , uploaded the exact same thing again , and it got accepted ?

Thank you all for the responses.
NoiseInNeumarkt, I also interested to hear some facts about this “… uploaded the exact same thing again , and it got accepted ?..” I’m almost certain that this should have been )))

Hmmm… About second one…Nice track ! The only reason of rejection that I see is : track sounds like an instrumental for song. Nice sound and arrangement but in my opinion it hasn’t something catchy or commercial. When I personally create a track for audiojungle I try imagine where it can be implemented. Perhaps this is the reason or perhaps that the guitar scratch in the first verse :worried: But I can’t find othe reasons for rejection !

Could you try to make the uni-vibe/chorus on the guitar a little smoother ? I personally find it a bit heavy , altough it is up for taste . The track all-in-all is pretty good .

Hi, some of you should read this Maybe you can find some answers there :smile:

The fact at that point was a bit similar case in the last year.
Sent track…mmmm. In short it:
Composition\Arrangement - OK
Mixing\Mastering - Rejected

Then a couple days later I send the same track just for testing prejudgement, but with new title, new description and new keywords.
And what do you all think?? … in short it:
Composition\Arrangement - Rejected
Mixing\Mastering - OK

brilliant, cognitive dissonance get : )

After this happening I haven’t tried more here submitting, absurdly. :laughing:
I thought to try again, but I read this thread and I realized that nothing has changed.
Totally sadness and gloom. A-haha-hahh )))

Anyway, Crypt, I see you are successful in other stocks and how music “craftsman” in general, then good luck, maybe can get here. :wave:

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