very frustrated

i working alot with this site but i have 2 issues that very intrapte my workflow:

  1. i cant’ search the song by his identical number
  2. after i prches the song the lungh is not the same! sometimes it’s very problematic.

Hi @pedroan02,

If you google “Audiojungle” along with the item number then you should be able to find it. Hope that helps!

Regarding nr 2, the length of the song. It should always be the same as advertised. Although, remember that the preview sometimes contain different versions of the song. Which should all be included in the download. There for the preview can be longer than the original song. But should be the combined length of all the versions of the song.

You can check a songs length and additional versions length in the field to the right on the item page.

For instance, check my item here, main track length is 0:21 and the additional track version is 0:21 which makes the preview 0:42 long

Sometimes previews with multiple version also include small pauses between the versions which makes the preview a tad longer than the combined track version lengths.

I agree, I use this site a lot for the quality of tracks but it’s ridiculous that the preview tracks are a different length from the purchased ones. No other stock site I’ve used does this. It completely screws up your workflow when you have to go back and basically re-do your music bed(most of the time I chop of the track heavily to fit the edit), instead of just being able to replace the clip.

Not sure what the logic is behind this, but it is not well thought out.