Very Annoying & pathetic - Download Speed


It is really very annoying to download anything from Envato Market nowdays whether it is free file of the month or paid download.I am getting 10/15 kbs speed.My internet connection is very good. I have no problem with other sites download.
I am not using any Download Manager or no concurrent download.
Very upset :S with this.


Just did a test and downloaded a 24MB free file, it took 2 sec.
Also tried a paid 10MB paid file and it took 1 sec…

So most probably it is your connection


I tried to download a 4MB file from Envato and it took only 2 seconds. It might be you after all.


I get this from time to time, and many others do too. We all pretty much agree it’s a per-file issue, because certain files experience the slow download speed constantly while other files don’t experience it at all.

But it’s also possible it’s just your connection. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thnaks,Buddy for comment.
But I am not agree with this.Nowadays I always face problem on market place while downloading either too much slow or frequent disconnection.Please keep mind generally my downloading speed is 100 to125 kbps for rest envato market place.

I am India.does Envato has put some restriction my comuntries IP ? or My IP (Whic is Static.)?

Just think If you are downloading a file from 185mb/225mb file at 10/15/22 kbps & with frequent disconnection/resume & stop at half or 3/4 download ?

Please note that I am not casual user.I have purchased 24 items from market place.

This is really really annoying.