Very annoyed with captchas when downloading


I am so annoyed with all these captchas. Why am I prompted to select buses and semaphores and chimneys? Which don’t even match, by the way?
I am not using any bots to download these files, I am doing it all by hand.
I am on a month-to-month plan but since I am discouraged to download them, I don’t see how I’ll renew the subscription.
A very annoyed customer


That is an essential part of any site that offers downloads, unfortunately, spam bots and hack bots exist everywhere, and in your case, you may have an excellent and strong password, but there are still sadly out there passwords that are very easy to hack. Now, picture a hack bot sending a few hundreds of thousands of download requests and overloading a server, that would cause an outage, in which case, the page you’d try to load would give out a 504 error. That’s not good either. Capthas are unfortunately the middle ground in the never ending battle with bots and other bad things that roam the internet!

We’re very sorry to hear about your experience, but I hope you do understand the importance of it all.


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Hi @cgruita,

Very sorry to hear about your frustration, but as @Enabled has explained above it’s a necessary part of protecting us from unscrupulous bots.


Please find some innovation.

You guys are leaders in this field. 'I feel this change was done without much forethought. There must be SOMETHING you can do to make this better.

I suggest you DELAY the captcha downloads to something manageable. Try this, allow 8 downloads without captchas (A workable medium) , then captchas for the any more downloads within the next 30 minutes. After 30 minutes is up, we have captcha free downloads again (For 8 downloads).

You can even randomize the number for high activity accounts.

But PLEASE dont punish thousands of honest creators HEAVILY for the workings of a few. ESPECIALLY when small tweaks like the one Ive suggested can give us the best of both worlds.

Please, hear us out on this. Im telling you, not listening heavily punishes creators who need less time taxing downloads.

I wrote a post on this earlier. If someone with some power can check it out, the community will definitely benefit.


Here’s a topic I just wrote on it:

I need envato to listen to this!


Yes. It is necessary, but Is it optimal?

Food is necessary, sleep is necessary, but there are optimal levels of food, and optimal levels of sleep that make sure something is running effectively.

The change that is currently in place is not optimal for the task at hand. Am I the only person who is thinking this??

We have to enter a captcha for EVERY download. You guys have over-done it. A rework needs to take place, you have effectively used a Mallet for a job that requires only a carpenters hammer.

Envato, you’ve gotten so many things right, I feel the community is scared to call out when you’ve finally need something fixed. :confused:

Please someone with power take it into consideration. As customers we’re trying to talk to you.

Do not give us the bureaucratic run around that defines much other large corporations. You guys have proven thus far that your better than that.

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