Versions or edits, is it mandatory to upload them in the same file?

I have recently read, in a foreign forum, that if you create some edits of a track, it is optional to include them in the same file. Is it true? Is it mandatory or optional?

I wish it were optional because I always thought it was a pity that some versions, which could be sold separately as logos or bumpers, go unnoticed inside another track.

If it’s not allowed (which is how I think), I do not understand why they do not allow to upload the edits separately, since the buyer will want only one of them, and may be able to benefit from a lower price in the shorter versions.

What is the benefit of doing it this way?

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Hey Raquel!

Mmm, I’m afraid it’s not allowed to upload edits, submixes, bumpers or logos of a same piece separately. You can, of course, include up to 5 versions of a music track and make the item more appealing to costumers, though.

I understand your point and I know other libraries allow it, but I also can imagine an absolutely overwhelming amount of alternate versions per track everyone would upload flooding the market even more than it is.

You can always tweak the composition a bit and extract a stinger out from your project as long as it’s different enough. :wink:


Totally understand your point, but I would go with @WormwoodMusic advice. You can´t break the rules but you can bend them with style :¨P