Verizon just stole a audio jungle jingle

Dunno who’s song this is but. dunno the legality here, verison could be in trouble?

click the video in the middle.

Might be a genuine mistake. Production company/freelancer/internal marketing department sends over watermarked comp for approval, client approves, production company/freelancer/internal marketing department buys license, and then…

  1. Client just uses the watermarked version anyway
  2. Production company/freelancer/internal marketing department forgets to swap out the preview with the actual track.

Although it is entirely possible that whoever made the video had no intention of buying the track, I don’t think you’re going to get to the level of providing loads of videos for a massive national company without paying for your stock audio.

I’m not saying that the author of the track should give them the benefit of the doubt or anything like that, they should definitely get in touch and get it cleared up… I’m just saying that they shouldn’t automatically assume the worst and wade in with a DMCA.

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And just as a side note. Stating that a large corporation (who probably have a large legal department), have committed theft, in a public forum, with a community of over 6 million… never the wisest of ideas.


Maybe take it up in a positive way, sending them a mail like this?
“I saw your video that’s awesome, but would even be more great with the non-watermarked version of the track.”

That sounds a little bit sarcastic though. Although you want to keep it pretty casual (innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz), you still want to make it clear that this is a problem that needs to be resolved. I’d go with…


I just stumbled across your LG G4 video which can be found here:|article|click-through|article-body|51287

I notice that the video uses on of my royalty free audio tracks which is available to license on Audio jungle here: track/

Always nice to find some of my work ‘in the wild’! However, I notice that the track still has the AudioJungle ‘audio watermark’ on it (the voice that repeatedly says ‘AudioJungle’), which means the video contains the preview version of the track, rather than the properly licensed download track. I’m assuming this is just an oversight on your part, or whoever was contracted to create the video, but if we could get this resolved then that would be great.

If you could make sure that you or your contractor forward me the license certificate and purchase code for the track, that would be much appreciated. This can be found by clicking on your username at the top right of, choosing ‘downloads’ from the menu, clicking on ‘download’ next to the audio track, and then selecting the ‘License Certificate and Purchase Code (PDF)’. If you can send that over then that would be great.

I’m sure you’d like to get this fixed anyway, so you don’t have the watermarked version of the track in your video. I look forward to hearing from you so we can get this resolved.


Author Dude/Dudette."

Friendly enough while still being professional and spelling out the steps that need to happen to get it resolved. You’re also including all the info they might possibly need… which video, which track, how do they provide the info you need etc etc.

I’d give it a week then send a slightly stronger, but still friendly, email stating the steps that will happen if they don’t get back to you in an additional seven days. Probably a bit of Run-DMCA action. It’s like that… and that’s the way it is!


This more formal way is certainly a way to go. I thought to keep it simple, short and positive, maybe slightly sarcastic though :grinning:

It is probably a mistake! Too big of a company not to purchase a license. I wish they stole mine! :smiley: Stole = too good!

Yeah, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a mistake. It’s unlikely they were drawn to the track due to it’s lyrics… which consist of someone whispering the word ‘AudioJungle’ every ten seconds or so!

Yea, well I was just browsing the web for cell phones and came across the video. There would be a lot of money in royalties to the original creator of the jingle because version used it in a commercially. I’m just saying. Whoever made the jingle could contact them “Formally” letting them know. They could have actually bought the song legally but the creator accidentally sent them the wrong download.

Damn! I hope you get this resolved, I have to say that is pretty amusing that this passed QC… did they think the “Audiojungle” watermark were the lyrics to the track? Jeez!!

If they bought it off of AJ, the most you’d get is $304 before your cut. So about $90! No royalties, since AJ is no PRO. A spot like that should be worth at least $1000 for web use and $10,000 for a commercial.

Seems the song might be “Club Habit” by ozguryedievli. Both the song and the author seem gone from AJ.
Searched using Soundizer, but there were many results and the first couple couldn´t load the music.