Verify if the site is accessible to you?

Hello everyone,

My site is soft rejected due to the demo site is not accessible to the reviewer that tries to access it from UK.

Can you please try to access it and put your feedback with the country name, so I can use this as a reference to the reviewer. Your help is highly appreciated!

The URL is

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Is it down?

DNS Checker


It is working fine for me, but the reviewer says it is not accessible to him.
Is this working fine for you and where are you from?

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It Work (in Algeria)


works in Thailand


Could be a temporary issue when the reviewer is trying to access the website but confirming here won’t help you as if he/she cannot view the website, saying that “people can access the site” is pointless.

Ask him/her a screenshot if he cannot access the demo site instead

Okay, thank you for your suggestion