VenoBox shows gallery from last to first.


Purchased theme KROME - Pure & Minimal Creative Portfolio / Agency / Photography Template. Lightbox they used is VenoBox. Just wanted to have a very simple, straightforward clean gallery, and this is what KROME and VenoBox seemed to offer.

But the images are showing last to first in the gallery. So reversed the order in coding (5.jpg first, and 1,jpg last). This seemed to solve the problem in which the images appeared. But… the numeration on the upper left corner still shows 5/5 instead of 1/5. And the direction arrow still shows up on the left hand side first (should be on the right hand side).

This is driving me crazy… Is there a very simple solution to this-- or am I just too stupid? Thanks for everyone’s time. Here’s the markup I have for the Lightbox:

<!-- start : works-item -->
              <div class="works-item  ImageWrapper works-item-one-fourth-spaced info published">
                      <img data-no-retina alt="" title="" class="img-responsive" src="images/works/02.jpg"/>
                      <a class="venobox" data-gall="id" href="images/id/5.jpg"></a>
                      <a class="venobox" data-gall="id" href="images/id/4.jpg"></a>
                      <a class="venobox" data-gall="id" href="images/id/3.jpg"></a>
                      <a class="venobox" data-gall="id" href="images/id/2.jpg"></a>
                      <a class="venobox" data-gall="id" href="images/id/1.jpg"></a>
                          <div class="works-item-inner ImageOverlayCl">
                            <p class="valign text-center"><span class="white font2">Published:</span></p>
                            <p class="valign text-center"><span class="white font2"><i>i-D Magazine</i></span></p>
              <!-- end : works-item —>

Any help would be much appreciated!

It’s better to contact the author due to forum is for general purposes but not for item support

Thanks for the suggestion.

Contacted the author about the issue over a week ago, both by private ticket and via their public forum. No response… Also contacted the developer of the VenoBox plugin over a week ago-- and no response…

Thanks again for your time.