Vehicle Mockups, Please I need Feedback.

I am trying to create new style of my vehicle mockups. New camera, materials and lighting. Unfortunately, the models I have are not ideal. I can’t make perfect reflexes so I tried two approaches:
1 on top is to avoid reflexes and reflex lines but I have satin look.
2 on bottom is to completely ignore the reflexes curves but the car is more lively then. Which one do you like better?

hi how can we possibly help u with this? at this stage i personally see a vehicle, when this is supposed to be a mockup … unless u show the same item with some decoration, some text written or whatever , this is at best a render. As for the question that u asked i guess that middle way between these two would be the most realistic formula , if u ask me … as the version without the effect does not look completely finished and thus looks a bit artificial and the second, as for me, i find it a bit too much until this does not look really natural and realistic too

Thank you, I would like to try something in the middle between this two versions.

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yeah i guess that would be great if u do so :slight_smile: but then u should also try to modify the decoration , too so that people really see a mockup :slight_smile:

Looking good but you need more work on the decoration.