Vector repeatedly hard rejected

I have tried uploading multiple vectors for submission, and every time they get a hard rejection. This is rather annoying because they won’t tell me what it is I’m doing wrong, so after a failed process of trial and error I am coming to you folks for help.

is it the quality of my work? this image has been hard rejected, do you think it deserved it?


If it’s not that, than my next guess would be my description is not up to par, is this a suitable description?

"Flowering Rose Bud

This purchase will contain an AI file, EPS file, and JPG previews in multiple resolutions, as well as a text file explaining the most effective ways of editing said files.

This vector is layered, and each layer is labeled with an appropriate name expressing what part of the image it holds.

if the description is correct, is it the way I am laying out my files when submitting them?

Main zip file:

Preview zip file:

Thank you in advance for the help, I know this is a rather long question but I’m really having a hard time understanding what it is I’m doing wrong

hi , u need a 02_zoom file in your preview in which u show the design at 100%, other wise u must give cap to all words in the titles … (even the thumbnail )

apart from technical issues, u may have quality issues , too