Vector quotes - are they suitable for Envato?

It is too simple and has no commercial value. Unfortunately I do not see any design here at all

They are made for another site, full of similar quotes. I wanted to know if Envato could accept them too.

Sorry, but I’m 99% sure that this will be rejected. I recommend that you study the Envato market to understand what is being approved here. Just scroll through the pages of this category

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Unfortunately I don’t have much time to study as I have full-time job in a school. That is why I make fast designs - vectorizing with Vector Magic, some stuff on tablet ect. I have where to suggest these my works, not problem with them being not suitable for Envato. I know I should reseacrh the market and I’ll do it when I have more free time.

Envato do not accept “fast design”. Envato accept only professional design. That’s why Envato is the market #1

Agree with sentences 1 and 2. Regarding the third sentence, I have another favourite which I suppose I don’t have right to name here.

there are indeed way more complex things that turn out to be binned in a second so there is not the shadow of a doubt that same would go with this one, as u mentioned …