Vector file Rejected. PLEASE HELP ME.

Hello Everyone
A few days ago I made Sci-fi Elements Base Vector files and uploaded them to sell in Graphic River, evanto market. They rejected me with this message :

" Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again. "

I would like you to tell me what I am doing wrong, I need your opinions to improve.
Drive Link Above

Thank you.

Too simple item without selling potential. You can find many free Sci-fi Hud elements much better then yours.

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hi I do not mean that this is uninteresting but let’s face it, the marketplace is much saturated no matter where u are posting and this is also difficult to bring something new to the table. This is definitely decreasing the commercial potential of your item in the first place. Then, there is the fact that most of the items included keep being rather simple , too. This basically means that most of the items individually can be redone without spending a significant time or without having really incredible skills , if u wish and this, once again , decreases gamely the interest that u may generate with this item. Not to mention that , in addition, some of the concerned elements turn out to be very far being perfectly executed. This impacts very negatively the feeling that people will have as far as your item goes, indeed. the item looks far less professional

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