Vector eps Help - my submission "is not ready yet" but I don't know how to fix it

Hi, I tried to make my first submission in the graphic - character vector section. Took me a huge time to complete the artwork of course, but today they kindly said to me that my submission is not ready yet.
I expanded even what I didn’t want to expand just to be sure, and ok, but I can’t find a decent tutorial on how to create a vector eps that would not convert gradients into raster and it’s making me go mad ):
what should I do? is it something I unchecked? I have illustrator CS6 and in the submission tab they ask for the eps 10 version.
I can’t take out the gradients cause they would kill the picture, and when I try to expand them I cannot specify the 250 elements. Also I added some glow effects and they get turned into raster in the eps. Should I delete them one by one or is there a quick way to fix it?

Thanks in advance… Q.Q

  • Erika

I kind of figured out how to do it @.@ …manually deleted them from the eps after unlocking everything again. A little pity not having effects on that version but at least all the others do have them…
If you’re curious I post the result:
Cheers >.<