Vector. characters, Hard Reject

He there,
Here you can see my item

I will be thankful for your feedback

There appears to be something wrong with the link provided. The page just reloads forever, some kind of loop.

I experienced the same endless loop

Hi , if you have a moment, please take a look one time more. I think link will open. thanks

Hi , please take a look one time more. I think link will open. thanks

Same for me. Behance goes into an endless loop. Haven´t been able to access the site for a very long time.
On Mac OS X 10.9, Firefox. Same on Chrome and Safari.

hi, i had personally had no problem to do it

hi, as for me, this is a good work, buti have to confess that i like the black and white version way better than the colored one, maybe there’s a little something to improve about the colored version indeed …

I think you could give the color section a boost if you show more colorways and color variation possibilities instead of just the blue/orange combo, red, and black/white. Also let us know how many different faces total come in the pack. How many different accessories also, and then show all the faces and all the accessories that we will get, etc. It makes the project seem bigger and the buyers will feel like they are getting a great value because they will see the entire collection.

I can only relay what I’ve seen and what has worked and not worked for me. It seems the review team favors collections with more and more contents included. I think you have quite a few characters included, but if you add more it would only make the collection more valuable!

I think in this case you have enough people, but maybe they wanted a stronger presentation for the amount of characters.

I saw a vector collection on VideoHive two days ago and it seemed like they had hundreds of vector characters, accessories, etc etc. The characters were full bodies with clothes, and they could be animated. They had edgy people, business people, every-day people, sports people, etc…
It was like they created a universe of moving vector characters and items.I believe they had a team, and I also believe it took a ton of time to complete. At the same time, I think the review team will still compare projects and come to their conclusions.

I apologize for writing a novel : / :blush:

black and white version I like to:)

you should not apologize, you are a good writer:) I think that all of works can be improved. but if I look at my portfolio, this work, in my opinion, has more potential for selling than others. Any way-I got last days sells from this stuff on other stock, little bit satisfied, so I will move forward

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