Vector and Photoshop styled HUD elements, category help please

I have created a set of vector HUD elements including circles and panels, where I have created unique shapes in illustrator and styled combinations in photoshop. These can be used in infographics, Game ui and other Ui designing also. But people have uploaded such in Vector / conceptual / technology category as well and some under infographics and some under Ui elements, no body has uploaded under game assets. I doubt what I should do to the file if I need to upload it into

  1. vectors / conceptual / technology - Im new to this category :slight_smile:
  2. UI elements - I think this doesn’t suit properly
  3. Game assets - What file formats I need and how to preview
  4. Infographics - Do I have to add text and simulate information

I’m hoping to export Illustrator ai contains the primitive shapes / Photoshop psd contains the styled combinations / Photoshop csh contains the custom shapes and vector illustrator eps contains the primitive shapes and png files in two categories primitive shapes and styled combinations

Please help me in selecting a suitable category

Thank you