Variations of a Stock Footage - How should I submit?

Hi guys,
I just got a new Sony A7S II, which can record brilliant 4K videos so I want to record some and upload here. But for example, I will record the same place as timelapse, normal speed, maybe slow motion in some cases.

Can I make a pack of those 4K videos? and I will upload Full HD version of that pack which will be cheaper?

In the help section, it says:

If you have UHD Motion Graphics and would also like to make the videos available in an HD resolution, we allow two resolution variations on any one file. So for example, if you have a video file that was rendered in 4K, you can submit two versions of the same file, one in 4K and the other in 1920x1080.

Are they talking about same pack including both 4K and 1080p copies or just different items on marketplace?

Different items. You can upload a 4K pack or individual item, and then you can upload the same pack or item in 1080p.

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