Variable Width Slider/Carousel (Landscape&Portrait Images) WP

Hey does anyone know any Wordpress plugin slider with which I can achieve this:

  • full-width Horizontal Slider - VARIABLE WIDTH images (so no padding to the image left or right), same height (for nicer integration of Landscape & Portrait Images) - multiple images shown

  • responsive (where images change to vertical for portrait mode).

Thank you

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We would like to suggest Wordpress theme similar to

Please contact me via profile page contact from -


Sorry not interested in a theme - as I have my webpage finished - just need a perfect slider plugin to go with. Thank you

Can you please send us your existing site link. To suggest the plugin. Thanks

Dude, did you manage to find the right plugin? I’m searching for it since days.

I am looking for the same thing. I really like the slider on this page: - and I want to do something like it.

I found slick slider - which is what I think they are using, but the WP integration is hard to use and it is difficult to set up multiple different sliders.

Hi everyone,

Any news on this front? I still struggle to find something that offers the simplicity and flexibility Squarespace offers.

So WP solutions have the flexible landscape/portrait mix but then no back/forth arrows on desktop, so have everything but padding between images that can’t fe forced/tricked with own CSS…

Any update is wildly appreciated!

Looking for the same thing : galeries that accept photographies with different hights (without cropping or leaving a blank space), and specially a carousel. Would someone know how to settle this problem ?
Thank you !