Variable Product Error

I keep getting the following on my website for variable products.

Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/u964015462/domains/ on line 300

I found the file but not sure how to fix. The file reads:
foreach ($product->children as $variation_id) {

I am not sure it will fix the warning or not. You can add a if statement before foreach loop:
if ($product->children) {
foreach ($product->children as $variation_id) {

don’t forget to close if statement }
Otherwise please contact plugin Author Contact Author

Thank you - so just copy and paste this in the php file above line 300?
Also, close the if statement? is it closed in your snippet?

just close if statement } just after finish foreach }. Hope you undderstand my point.
please keep a backup before doing any update

I’m sort of new - do I just paste this above line 300? Exactly as you wrote it?

if ($product->children) {
foreach ($product->children as $variation_id) {

} //end foreach
} //end if

It Worked!!! Thanks so much!

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