Vanish México use music without pay rights on open TV and Facebook

Vanish México is openly using Music from AudioJungle on TV and Facebook, I really don’t know who are the authors, but you can clearly hear the AudioJungle Watermark, they just down the volume just on the moment the watermark is audible, but you can hear it, check this video and tell me if you can hear it too:


and that means?

scammers :sunglasses:

The watermark…just simply vanished.


Yeah you could hear it clearly actually, was it broadcasted on TV? Maybe it’s just the fault of the production team. But surely this is a shame for the products. :stuck_out_tongue:

Badum tsssss

Happens all the time. Might be just the olde switcheroo: Licensed coorrectly, but forgot to replace the watermarked file. I’d advise the author to check his statements. If he was an invoice from that company, then everythings OK. IF not, I’d ask support or contact the company directly.

Yeah, ‘Vanish Mexico uses audio track with Audiojungle watermark’ would be a more accurate title, as they may have licensed it correctly, but just used the preview instead of the main track. These things happen!

But 2 mistakes? They’re using one song for TV commercials and another one for YouTube videos, both songs have the audio jungle watermark

Yes AJ Watermarked.
I thinks its some how funny and your post a real Forum anectode wish i will show other friends.
Could be just a mistake and proper licensing has been done.