Today my favorite composer leaves us who, thanks to his existence, has allowed me to understand how music and image can be united. His music will be with us forever thanks to his effort and generosity. I still remember being in a high school class in the nineties playing Carl Sagan documentaries with his background music and it gave me a pang inside to create that feeling of transcendence.
Also when I was very young I could spend hours looking at the clock on the adjustment chart listening to his “la Petite Fille de Mer” track playing on the background. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Sad news. A master for me too who rocked my childhood and my creativity. 'The animal apocalypse, a vinyl that I listened to on repeat.



Lo siento mucho.

Muchas gracias Manrique. :kissing_heart:Te mando un abrazo
desde la península!

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Very sad news :frowning: He leaves some amazing music as his legacy.

The score from Bladerunner is still a personal favourite, and holds up incredibly well 40 years on.


A question…?
Could a composition in the style of “Mr” Vangelis be accepted on Audiojungle?
For a tribute and other…?

I’m not sure, sorry - Audio review criteria is a bit too far outside of my expertise. I think it may run into issues around commercial demand, as I don’t know how many customers are looking specifically for Vangelis-style tracks at the moment.

That said, synth-driven tracks do fit well with some of the visual trends we’re seeing (lots of interest in cyberpunk & synthwave video template items, for example).