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The support at VamTam continues to tell me my support license is expired but I have sent multiple screenshots proving otherwise, including a screenshot of my bank statement with the payment fr extended support paid on Feb 3, 2020. Further, my purchase code was valid and then someone (I assume from their support) logged in to my site and then the code became invalid. Could I please get some clarity or get a refund on my support license. I honestly think they must be messing with me intentionally. Site is


If you extended the support on Feb 3, 2020 and the author support team told you expired support then you can request a refund here.


Below was last reply from the author….I need someone to get to the bottom of this……my purchase code got changed in my WP Admin as well after this author logged in……something is going on……

Hi there, can you try copy/ paste the code again here in this ticket - Where to get Your Item Purchase Code from?

I will have to contact Envato about this. I’ve never seen anything like this. I am even worried that you won’t be able to access the updates with this code.

Best Regards:
Nikolay Totev

Best Regards:
Nikolay Totev

you can prove another way:
go to theme commnets page and post a comments. in your comments besides your username ‘Supported’ tag will display and author will come to know that you support not expired.

Also you can collect the purchase code and send them:


I can’t find a theme support page that allows comments….thanks though.


Make a comments right here with your purchase item author @vamtam

hope they will helped!

Thank you - I posted there as well.

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