Vamtam support license

I have taken over a website that uses Vamtam Health and I have been trying to learn it but support is awful and I am not that experienced - they keep telling me to renew my support license but I see no place to do that at Envato - only to purchase the actual theme which has already been done and validation code submitted - can someone tell me how to get support for vamtam health theme? Thanks.

Support can only be provided to, and renewed by, the individual that purchased the item, by logging in to the account that was used to buy the theme.

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Doubtful if that person has that info, is there any way to start a new account with my validation code?

If you buy a new license/copy and contact the author with your purchase code they should be able to help you register the site with the new code etc.

Probably right, just seems to be unfair to have to buy another license…

Anyone out there would like to provide me with phone tutorial for this theme (Vamtam health) for maybe an hour for $50?

Inbox us the details we might be able to assist you with that

The author has to be able to validate that you are the license holder for obvious reasons to prevent less honest users breaking the rules.

With respect you’d be better off spending the $50 buying a new license (if not for support then at least updates etc).

If you want freelance help still then check

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I think I might have it sorted - thank you.

Sarafis Adyton