Vamtam does not support


I am building a website for a client, and I decided to use Clany from Vamtam as the template. But this turned out to be my worst nightmare. I am able to edit all sections of the site, from top to bottom except for this one section Imgur: The magic of the Internet which I cannot grab from the Vamtam Beaver builder. Nor can I access it from the Customize theme section.

I have really checked the guides which Vamtam has written, and there is nothing about this particular section. I have contacted their support twice, but they just tell me to “check the guides” which I have already done.

Besides this, the vamtam builder itself is very buggy. For example I wanted to create a basic table but didn’t find this component, so I put a Box and put custom CSS and Javascript. It all looked fine and I published it successfully. But whenever I want to edit it afterwards, the Box disappears. So I have to recreate the element from scratch everytime I need to make changes to it. Also I could not have multiple elements with custom code, as the editor itself would just freeze.

I would appreciate if Vamtam support could just tell me how to edit or remove this section I highlighted in the image. If Vamtam would be helpful, just simply tell me where I can edit this section??