Value Based Marketing vs. Misleading Pricing with ADP



Simple and effective option: Disable Author Driving Price, completely it will restore the market health and fair competition, no other way will work!


You have to keep in mind the few will drive the many. To manage rule breakers governments have huge penalties with also prison threat for the worst.

Envato is just not getting, that some decisions have too many negative aspects and to work properly need huge amounts of control and the “machinery” needs to be quite heavy, that is why in many countries, bureaucracy and control is a massive apparatus which usually eats much more than they give.

I mean just imagine if police acted this way. “we have laws, but you know we rely on your honesty and if you break them we will friendly warn the hell out of you”

You need a team to monitor this activities or systems to limit them. If breaking the rules occurs, you give a friendly 48 or 72 hours notice before deactivation, if repeated violations occur authors activities will be suspended for a time.

If you cannot afford this kind of a system, then we’ll respectfully ADP is just not meant to be in this form.

And ADP has been around for quite some time now, this should be thought about before it went out not after, you hurried it out as you do with most of the choices you make.

Just a friendly comment :stuck_out_tongue:


Can an author run promotion as explained in below example considering that 50 sales are not done in 30 days?

Example of promotion:
1 - 25 Sales = $40
25 - 50 Sales = $50
50+ Sales = $60 (Regular price)


No! Read the rules.


I disagree, I want to sell my items for higher price than what themeforest suggests. I would rather have the price that ThemeForest set for an item to be a minimum price to sell for, you can increase the price if you want.


It’s a disgrace to see top authors dropping prices on their already highly profitable items just to get more sales…If you look at the top 10 selling items - 8 of them are selling for $39 and less…Why would customers want to purchase any high quality niche themes for twice the price if they can purchase a top seller with tons of traffic and reviews for $35…I think this race will change the mentality of shoppers, who will want to get themes for $30 now and demand hight quality support…if you sell a theme for $30 you are only making $10 profit and thats before taxes…so for $10 you have to build a theme, provide support by answering mostly complicated customization questions of customers…

I urge all authors to appreciate their hard work and not participate in a race to the bottom…Most of the new items are being sold for around $20 nowadays with banners saying “96% Savings…” “Offer EXPIRES in less than 1 hr…” even tho they have these banners for weeks…here is an example…

The problem with that is that once he reaches top 50 most popular items - he will raise the price, but then tomorrow a new theme will arrive which will drop the price as well, and now nobody would want to purchase the first theme for twice the price, since they got used to a low balling offers.

Stop ADP

And also this thing:


yes, few hours usually should mean few hours, up to 3, not 24, so all these ads are misleading and should be banned. Keep in mind Envato does not lose that much on the lower prices, the higher sales compensate for that. So from their point of view business is good :slight_smile:

Again I stressed this constantly, price dumping will bring more clients, the fixed fee ensures not much of a minus and with higher sales volumes more chaching for Envato, until to a point, when quality starts suffering, bad name rises and things start to drop.

But as some people told us here, the authors and item numbers rose significantly and to bring the satisfactory income for authors either they need to increase the customer pool to bring more sales or prices have to drop. If they drop prices authors would go ballistic and increasing customers pool is hard so… the logical move is to implement ADP and introduce fixed fee, prices go eventually down sales count up Envato income up and authors well, who cares about authors.

We need to get in our heads, Envato is not the same company, you have to take care of your own items and marketing. However I would like to urge Envato to change the rules about promoting specific things on the item page, for example, I had links to our freebie section on our site so clients can get free PSD and HTML and mockups and I was not allowed to have that so I was instructed to remove it, on the other hand, constant bombardment with elements, for example, deteres customers all the time, which is in my book stealing.

Features get rushed out without proper analysis and predictions and ramifications, which is well just shameful.



Wow, that’s extreme deception. Implying that the theme will ever rise to $150+ is a complete lie. Good find!


I appreciate how this is a matter that affects authors most of all but speaking as a big buyer, you’d be forgiven for thinking this worked in our favour, when actually its proven to be far more of a nuisance.

Authors pushing prices about (I’m sure there are some genuine misunderstandings, but there are also some very experienced authors visibly doing it too), is a huge deterrent to buy from them, highly detrimental to the author (and potentially envato)'s long term reputation; and not to mention a very confusing customer experience even for more experienced buyers

For example: we recently bought a file based on it being on sale for a “limited time only”, even though we had concerns around some of the code, but we didn’t have time to investigate properly…

Turns out that not only were the concerns very valid, but the “today only” sale is still going a week later!

If we’d know that “today” doesn’t actually mean “today” we could have taken the time to look into our concerns and avoid now putting ourselves, the author and envato through the inconvenience and dis-satisfaction of refunds etc.


This is a total disgrace… how people dare to do that!!!


I don’t get some authors which set their items for price 13$. They’re really harming the market, someone who wanted to buy a 59$ or 49$ now he/she get’s it for only 13$. In this case who losses? The author with price 59$(no sales for him/her) and who wins? definitely not the author with the item price 13$.



Is this something which is a requirement of any theme that bundles plugins irrelevant of ADP?

It strikes us that this is something which is going to be even harder to maintain a level playing field on between those authors who follow the rules and those who either are not aware or chose to forget certain aspects.


@KingDog @matthewcoxy @jamesgiroux @BenLeong what @Osetin reported above I sent to support over 4 days ago. No reply, no one cares, nothing is happening. While we as authors all understand that the shit is changed to Elements and are searching and waiting for a better market to arrive, until that happens, can support or anybody at least take care of the rules?! The item reported above has been making sales like crazy, against the new rules, and although they were presented as new terms, no one seems to care about them.

At least apply these rules, so we can get some stability back in the market! Cheers guys! :slight_smile:


Please give the Help Team some time to investigate any reports. It is the weekend in North America still.



Echoing the comments of the @KingDog.

Also, to set some expectations here, the help team will be investigating and reaching out to specific authors as they are reported. But bare in mind, they are not going to be aggressively disabling items the moment they hear about a breach in our terms. Make no mistake, we are serious about these rules and there will be penalties if authors demonstrate ill-intent. However, for every author that intentionally bends the rules, there are ten who have acted in good faith and unintentionally crossed the line. We try to assume best-intentions when we police item promotional rules, opting to work with the author rather than get trigger happy on item disablement- which doesn’t help anyone.

By all means keep reporting cases to the help team. But know that these reports are a signal for us to start a conversation, not to immediately bring down a hammer.


@matthewcoxy ,

That sounds very nice.

How long does it take for you guys to take action? I don’t want disablement for other authors too.

I submitted ticket reported themes which broke these rules, went on about 1 month and 3 days and these themes still breaking these rules for example “On sales for more than 30 days”, “No clear promotion end date” and also these misleading pricing.

I agreed with your comment but how long will it take to enforce these rules? 1 month and still no action on these popular themes? or 1 month is too little time for your team to communicate with these authors?


The answer is it varies. But without knowing the specific case, I can’t really say. DM me the ticket number and I can check in on it.


Guys, what investigation, most of the work was done by authors who reported this. It is the same as with hard rejects.

You can just glance and see issues and it should only go as: “Our investigation has concluded that you are breaking the rules our ADP policy. You have 72 hours to correct the issue, refer the following (link) for the ADP rules list.”

That’s it


I agree Matt, and I’m not trying to put you guys in a bad light. As @ThemeGoods said, support is very slow to reply, at least to authors, since lately buyers have not had complaints , therefore, we, authors, all are affected. Even if 50 authors on the homepage or popular page or any page are respecting the rules, and creating awesome files at 59$ An item that is bending the rules and is priced and advertised and whatever for 39$ and brings the same quality as the others will affects the stability of all other authors. I know you guys have rules, me and my fellow authors are just requesting that you apply them. The item I quoted above I reported it more than 5 days ago to support, nothing happened, @ThemeGoods mentioned it’s 1 month and 3 days with no reply from support. This is incredibly annoying!

You guys are busy, support is buys, you guys and support are the only ones with power to do / warn / remove / apply rules ( whatever ) and when we do call out to you via the official channels no one replies. This is our frustration!

Authors: Support helps us! / Support check this! * 1 week later * sound of the desert
Buyer: I want a refund now! * less than 2 hours later * of course, how can we help?

We really appreciate that you created these rules, what we’re basically saying is how can we, send you items so you can get in touch with those authors and swiftly apply them. Since this is a volatile market, if you let 1 item on the homepage have a “rule-bending” discount for 24 hours that item has already shifted the balance of sales. These things should be dealt with swiftly, otherwise, the rule is just there…