Valentine Day Party Flyer

Hello Expert ! Could I submit the Valentine Day Party Flyer ? Flyer size : 8.2 in X 11.2 in , Please suggest to me.

hi sorry to say just this but your item as such is not working at all … mixed media style can be a very powerful one indeed but in this case, with elements mixed as such u did not manage to generate harmony and aesthetics … i would suggest that u do not mix major composition elements in both illustration and vector this is not working properly , u should stick to one and stick to it, the best is to use picture if u ask me and add some vector elements meant to decorate , rathe like secondary composition elements so that u can keep sort of a guideline in what u are creating …

furtehrmore u have a real issue of organization as the central and upper parts are quite crammes and the footer without being having much elements looks a bit but is too empty elements wise u should decrease the texts and ad some some elements in sideways of the mid section and lower section

the title is not springing out as expected, it has to be outstanding and clearly identified as the central piece of the flyer , not to mention that the way u imbricated elements is not working and indeed u should rather have valentine in one line, and day under and get rid of this unnecessary "night party thing or at least decrease its size and pit it under the valentine day. Valentine day size must be increased to make it more prominent , changing the font does not seem to be an option form where i sit , but up to u as long as u can arrange in a way better way …

still about typo
hard to understand this mixture of fonts in the footer and the problem that i have personally is that u give the most important part of the footer , the club name in other words , some very flat font that prevents it from being outstanding

pls take these brunched from the composition this is not good looking

pls pick a real female model rather than in illustration or do as @eduardotrueba is usually doing, introduce a C4D model and inspired of how he integrates them , u will learn much

Please Suggest to me @n2n44

where did u download my titles?!

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As per warning on this thread - all work must be original and not use/borrow/rip features from other peoples’ work (stock, free or premium) e.g. here or here.

This is a very fast way to get banned.


This thief should get baned right away. This is not acceptable and from what I see every post he created here contains steal graphics. Also how stupid can be to steal from @n2n44 and ask him for feedback

thank u for your support buddy
LOL that was very gutsy indeed, i had trouble to believe it lol i may apologize him for copying or stealing but at least he should try to ask for it … especially as i did my best to help him with his rejection issues, but anyway i usually do not expect anything in return for what i do , i guess this is not proving me wrong lol

You should report him

no i won’t do this … if he doesn’t understand now … besides i have not sold this item to india and i am wandering how he could get it most importantly …

dear @n2n44 , when you inform to me , it’s copy problem , the don’t submit this design, actually, I’m learn to @n2n44 to , So please don’t forget to me,

best regards

yeah buddy , i am not angry or whatever … a bit sad that’s all , i have seen a good deal of things here already … including a guy who posted an item that he had got illegally from me and that he had reposted as his … anyway , what i want u to figure out is that copying me or using some stuff that u get from me somehow some way is not going to help u to take you game to the next level, there is no magic wand , being a graphic design , from my experience , apart for a few geniuses, is about tears, sweat and blood and that u have to pay your dues, work hard , learn, learn, and learn again until u can in the end manage to finally get the loom of your work a bit … seeing what a lot of guys do is part of the deal to get ideas, to analyze from their techniques and everything , among other things but u have to keep in mind that u have to bring your own things to the table or your future successes will simply have no value at all u will only be a pretender so to speak …

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