Valenti 5.6.0 If it ain't broke...

It would be nice if in the future…

  1. If the next Valenti upgrade is a “beta”, make the word bigger so an informed decision can be made whether to upgrade or wait.
  2. If one developer goal is security fixes, fine. Please create those fixes for existing themes and give the customer a choice (toggle?) to keep their existing theme (which may have taken weeks or months to customize) or try the newer theme and decide how much time they’ll devote to the learning curve.

We had to revert back because so many features were different (or missing) and it messed up our site big time.


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Yeah, I agree… I love all the new features, and the new engine under the hood. But! I’ve got over 1,500 movie review ratings that are now completely gone. I also have an inconsistent experience with 2000 posts without right hand gutters, and another 1,500 with. And no idea how to straighten out the differences.

I can’t make any of my new posts visible on my homepage.
VERY frustrating!

Amen, on one site the Valenti Engine was offered to download. On the othersite, it says I need it but won’t download. Consquently the othersite is broken in so many places that I have to go back to the original version via back up.