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I just installed the latest version of Visual Composer. Now when I go to edit a page on WordPress I get a totally blank screen, nothing, zip, nada. When I de-activate the plugin I am back to the page but Classic Editor only.


You might want to check in your PHP memory allocation, as the “white-screen-of-death” (as it is often referred to), is in many cases an indicator of insufficient remaining PHP memory. If your server maintains an error/debug log, you might want to check there for any relevant error messages, or consider putting your WordPress into debug mode, to get more information about what might cause the issue.


It was working fine before I paid money for a product that clearly doesnt work properly. If there is a memory requirement that should be posted clearly, and prior to purchase. Oh, and yes I am in software too so I know you dont sell product that users machines cant handle


Every time you add a new plugin to an existing WP setup, your memory requirements will increase; and as “someone in software”, that much should be clear to you, as it is the same principle as running any large scale software on a PC (you don’t attempt to run Win10 on a PC that only provides 1GB of memory and expect it to run flawlessly, do you?). Also, simply updating a plugin or theme to a newer version often times also increases its memory requirements, as updates usually include additional features or additions to existing features.

And if your server is only providing a bare minimum of memory total, than you will always be limited in how many plugins you can actually run on that particular site. That has nothing to do with any particular plugin, as it is your individual server setup that determines the amount of available memory.

Posting a specific memory requirement is always difficult, as every server and site setup is different and it is impossible for any plugin/theme author to know what hosting package an end user is subscribing to (you get as much memory, as you are willing to pay for; and the low-end hosting plans are naturally only providing very low memory amounts), and how much of the available memory is already used up by other active plugins and the theme. And the plugin is in general working just fine; otherwise it wouldn’t be the best selling plugin of all times on CodeCanyon. But you as a buyer have the responsibility to provide a system that can actually handle the load you attempt to put on it.

Your issue might not even be related to low memory, but an incompatible PHP version or a conflict with another plugin, which is why I referred you to your server debug/error log.

Besides, this is the public forum for Envato; for any issues with a specific product you purchased on Envato, you need to contact the respective author, as users here in the Envato forum can only provide you with generic assistance, out of their good will and their own experience. So posting “snarky replies” to an user that took time out of their day, attempting to help you or at least point you in the right direction, won’t get you anywhere.


Well i deactivated the plugin anyway. And now even though I didnt touch any of the other pages this process has screwed up my entire web site. I can considering legal action against Envato if I can document any lost sales as a result of their crap product!


And I did check - there is AMPLE space on my server

Traffic is: 0.60 / 1000

Capacity is: 5368.74 / 102400


Not sure what any of those numbers are supposed to indicate, but they don’t appear to relate to PHP memory allocations.

And Visual Composer only affects pages that are actually MANUALLY switched over to Visual Composer; something that based on your initial description didn’t actually happen, as you never got that far. And when a plugin like VC is deactivated, it has absolutely no further impact on your site. In worst case, you would see some shortcode strings on a page that are part of VC, but that’s all. It rather sounds like you are having other unrelated issues with your site.

And good luck with suing Envato; you might want to read up on market regulations first, as you clearly don’t seem to understand how things work here on Envato. And once again, contact the actual plugin author about your problems, as nobody here in this forum will really be able to help you, especially if your replies keep coming the way you are currently phrasing them.


You’re quoting storage space which is not relevant, you need to increase your PHP Memory limit.


VC plugin is the ONLY thing I touched.

Ive tried contacting the author - no reply.

Its always someone else. host says it wordpress, wordpress says its the plug in author. plug in author says…

All I know is my site was fine before i downloaded this plugin, now is not.


Was this the VC author or the theme author?


As far as I know, no


Go to, look at the code string on the top. And all of the bottom elements as well as background image are all gone now.


If VC was bundled within a theme you ought then it is the theme author that you need to speak to rather than the author of Visual composer.

Can you share a link to the site you are having issues with?


If you in fact contacted the VC author already, using their official support forum (I couldn’t find any matching comment from any user that describes a problem like yours posted during the last couple of days) , you also need to give them time to reply. Their support times are Mon - Fri, standard business hours (based on central European time, I think). And I think I’m done replying to this topic now.


I didnt not buy the VC plugin with a theme, separately and much later. I had VC but it expired, so I biught the new one just yesterday. Theme has been used for more than a year. I downloaded and activated the plug in - tried to create one new test page, got the white screen of death, deactivated the plugin, and now this


Increase your PHP memory limit on your server and re-activate the plugin, issue fixed.

Note that the first reply to this thread also told you to do this.


That theme uses VC in it so you should not need to have bought a secondary copy.

The reason those shortcode texts are showing up are because they were create din VC and now the plugin is deactivated so it leaves that behind

EDIT: See Tom’s response.