using images on graphicriver items?

Hey folks,

i would like to ask you something about copyright issues/
I would like to use images on, they are free and they notifies they are licensed as ‘do what ever you want’, and i am hesitating to include in my project and pack all together.

would it be a problem to use those stock images to make my item accepted?

Just to be safe, you should include only your own files. Who is to say Unsplash won’t change the do what ever you want “license” in the future ?

there is no guarentee on whether they can change their licence type in the future. thanks for your suggestion.

As far as I am aware from previous fall-outs with these sort of events licenses are not retroactive. Meaning, if you release V 1.0 as MIT, you cannot change it to paid afterwards. Meaning, if it’s free now and they decide to change it, it will only affect users after that date, not prior to it. This was the case with a plugin for flipbooks a few years back and the end result was the version that was released MIT was still that way, all future versions were no longer allowed for commercial usage.

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@Enabled thank you for your compherensive reply. As i further understood, if they change their license in future, it will affect my items.Okay, i accept that. My question is: would using cc licensed images embedded in my print template items, do i have a problem on approval of my item by graphicriver review?

As a community mod, i hope you will be helping me and people who can have a question like this in the future, by bringing a clear and simple answer. (for example: yes you can include or not)

thank you all,