Using ttw music player for template




I’m currently creating a template, and I found out this great music player - . In the license of their website, it says this -

“You may freely use these resources, without restriction, in software programs, web templates and other materials intended for sale or distribution. No attribution or backlinks are required, but any form of spreading the word is always appreciated!”

Just wanted to know, if anybody else knows if this is free to use then? I tried to contact the author, but he hasn’t replied to me for 2 weeks. Any ideas?



As per the link you posted, that particular plug-in (or player) is licensed under the MIT License, which is pretty similar to their license. Their license allows distributing their plug-ins in commercial projects. That’s what the MIT license is all about. But, the MIT license requires including some notices in the product (the theme) that you’re creating. Take a look at the official webpage of the MIT license.



Thank you. That means I’m required to insert their MIT license? Because I couldn’t find any license file in the download folder I got from their website. Or should I create myself another MIT license for my theme?



From what I understand, the owner (the music player owner) should put the MIT License text in the main folder of the plug-in. Usually people paste the MIT License text in a text file and put that file in main folder. Or they add the MIT License text at the top of the source files as a comment.

Here is what the MIT License text looks like:

The owner is the person who should specify the date and the copyrigh holder’s name. So you really should do your best to contact the owner.