Using TotalPoll and Getting a gateway error


I am using TotalPoll pro on one of wordpress site. One of my polls keeps timing out because it is trying to run too many queries at once. Any suggestions?


Hey @corcoranthomas, please get in touch with the creator of the respective script via this link. This is an open forum and you’re more likely to get a reply in a timely manner straight from the source, so to speak :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thank you for your response I had previously submitted a support ticket there and I still have not received a response, why I decided to post in this open forum to see if I could get any information on this error or see if anyone has had a similar error



I noticed the author did recently respond to an question within the Item Comments area. You could also let them know about your open ticket there, as often times email issues and spam filters may be the cause of such delays.