Using the same structure and styles from others' template

Hi dears,

I’m here to ask if I can use exactly the same design and structure of a section from a template which is for another user and use it in my PSD template? (exact copy)

And if somebody does this, would reviewers know while review process?

If it’s not allowed, You think, it will get soft or hard rejected?

It’s not allowed to copy people’s work.

If it’s like icon boxes or something generic then there will be lots of sites with that kind of feature but to duplicate something more distinct from another user’s design is a definite no no.

The fact is I saw a footer design inside a psd template from a designer here, and I added the same style and design to my work, after submission (4 days ago), I decided not to do this way but I can’t modify my submission now, would it get hard or soft rejected?

It depends on how similar and unique it is.

It’s impossible for reviewer to recognise every feature of every theme but it’s more of an issue if it’s approved and the original author reports it - that could create bigger issues.

Realistically if it’s just the footer and unless it’s something very unique it’s probably not likely to be picked up but either way rejected or approved you should change it at the first opportunity

Got it, thanks Charlie :slight_smile:

Will remove and re-submit the work