Using Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, and TypeScript in a WordPress Theme - Will It Be Approved?

Hi everyone,

I’m developing a WordPress theme that I plan to submit to ThemeForest. I’m using some modern technologies in my workflow:

  • Tailwind CSS: For utility-first styling
  • Alpine.js: For lightweight JavaScript interactions
  • TypeScript: For better code maintainability
  • Vite: As my build tool to bundle and minify my CSS and TypeScript files

I have a few questions regarding the approval process and best practices:

  • Approval: Will using these technologies be acceptable for ThemeForest? Are there any specific guidelines or restrictions I should be aware of?

  • Production Files: Do I only need to include the production-ready, minified and bundled files (CSS and JS) in my theme submission, or should I also include the un-minified development files (TypeScript, unprocessed Tailwind CSS), package.json,vite.config.ts…?

  • Best Practices: Are there any other best practices or tips you’d recommend when using this tech stack for a ThemeForest theme?

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Even if you have get the item approved, you’d be having lots of issues with buyers as most of them don’t know how to use servers or perform small tasks ( modifications ) - along with if the theme would require a proper server to create the production-ready version, a powerful one, you’d be dealing with lots of issue and refunds.

My suggestion is to keep it as simple as it is. It’s for WordPress anyway.