Using SVG code in a theme

I’m wondering what Envato’s policy is on SVG code in a theme template? I can’t find any info on it in Technical Requirements. I ask because I’m creating a Bootstrap theme and I want to give the end-user more control over the theme colors.
It would be ideal if instead of using something like
<img src="icon.svg" >
I could use
<svg version="1.1" id="Layer_1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="0 0 72.6 56.8" xml:space="preserve"> <g class="quote-mark-opacity"> <path class="svg-fill-brand-color" d="M14.2,28.2V30h12.6v26h-26V30.2c0-19.6,8.7-29.4,26-29.4v10.9c-4.4,0.7-7.6,2.4-9.6,5 C15.2,19.4,14.2,23.2,14.2,28.2z M58.4,28.2V30H71v26H45.2V30.2c0-19.6,8.6-29.4,25.9 29.4v10.9C62.6,12.9,58.4,18.3,58.4,28.2z" /></g></svg>

I don’t think it’d be a problem to add the code to your item. As long as it’s not coming outside of the website and it’s not being uploaded to the website, it should be fine.