Using Stock Photos on Website


i have download many stock photos. i will use all of them on same (one) website. That’s why i add them to same project while adding licance. is it true usage?

to give details,
i downloaded 100 photos, i will use them with 100 different articles in same website. And all 100 photos added to same Project License

could you give me information about using stock photos.

thank you.

@mgscoder can you help me about this issue. Thank you.

Are these downloads from envato elements and not photodune?

If so, then you will need to maintain your subscription while you add these to the website until the articles are complete, uploaded and live.

In terms of the license - it would probably have been wise to name them individually done how eg “main project name” - “article title” just so you can differentiate but I doubt it is critical.

If in doubt ask support

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Yes from envato elements.

But i think its not clear for licancing. i think each website is a project. So its enaugh to licance at same project name. But by the way you said its not sure and i m not sure what to do. thk you.

The project is the same but there’s no harm in naming the project with article extensions so you know which image is for what article in case.

Regardless, you will need to maintain your subscription / you can’t download photos now then unsubscribe and store them for when you need to add the relevant article.

If in doubt then sent elements support a message Envato Elements Help and Support


yes, it is enough to license at same project name but you have to keep subscribe until all of your 100 articles will be completed/published. you cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription.

For any doubt please contact elements support.

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