Using Stack theme - Map doesn't show up when chosing "Map API" content


I am building a new webpage for our church, and I want to add the “Map and contact information” to a page.
When I chose either one of the “Map API 1,2 or 3” etc, the map doesn’t show up. Even not the example-adress that came with the Stack theme.
Does anyone know what can be the reason?

And also; what is the difference between the “Map API” content and the “Map Iframe” content?

Thanks in advance,

-Svein, from Norway

Hi Svein!

You can see the error, if there’s one, by looking in the browser’s console. This is how to have a look in your browser’s console window:

Also, another option is to contact the theme developer and to request some help. This is a short article explaining how you can contact the developer:

The difference between having a map displayed using an iframe or using the Maps API is that using an iframe, you can show some locations on the map, but you can’t interact too much with the map. While using the Maps API, you can have a more dynamic map, you can interact more with it (search for locations, calculate distances, enable/disable controls on the map, apply styles and other things)

A very important thing is that if you want to use the Maps API, Google requires an API key. Most probably, the documentation of the theme you purchased explains how to get the API key.

All the best!

Hi Hevada!

Thanks for your reply!
Ok, I see. It turns out that the “Iframe” content in my theme still works, and after you have explained the differences for me, I have decided to go for that one.
I copied the embed-code from Google Maps, so then all is good.

Thank you for your help!

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