Using PHP -- select data from db, export to Excel

Using PHP, select data from a db and export to Excel.

I think this would be a useful addition to the code. There already exists a script that will export mysql data to a CSV file, but I mean in native Excel format.

Just a thought.


select and export what data?

This is possible to do, but the buyer would need to know some php knowledge (arrays) unless you want the coder to include a database class as well.

I’d still like to know what data and where he’s exporting from :S
I can make this no problem, but I can’t help him until he says what code it would be a useful addition to…

I’m actually working on an application to export database tables to a variety of formats (CSV, XML, Excel)

I’m toying with the idea of adding a query builder too, so you can be more specific with what data is to exported.

Are there any features in particular that you’d like to see?