Using multiplies categories for different portfolios

Hi out there

I am currently working on a webpage, where i would like to use up to 6 different portfolios - one each for different productlines.

Furthermore i would like to index the products by categories and skills, but then my challenge is that I only would like the specifics categories (and skills) just to show up for their productline, and not all 6 productlines.

I have, lets say, 4 categories for each products, and I just want to show those 4 four categories for that specific product, and not all categories.

As i see it now, its only possible to either choose 1 category, all categories or any given number IF they are in alphabetic order.

Any solution, or am I missing something?

Please have a look at
At the subpage i would like to have just:
Thermo forming

Best regars
Bjørn P. Due

Hi Bjorn. Much time has passed, but did you ever figure this out? I have the same question. -Nancy