Using Kotlin for web development

Do you believe in the potential of Kotlin language, generally used in Android dev, for developing web projects?

Here Jetbrains company (the founders of Kotlin) are saying how to build server-side in Kotlin and create web applications.

But I wonder what pros and cons does it provide and will it be widely used in web development? Please, share your opinions!

Hi Diana !

Yes heard of it in the news and it does have great potential in creating web applications.

Here are pros

Increases team efficiency
Complies with existing Java code
Easily maintainable
Less buggy

And here are cons

Still Not Java
Fluctuating Compilation Speed
Limited Learning Resources

Scarcely Any Kotlin Experts To Hire

The demand for specialists has abruptly escalated after the announcement of Kotlin getting adopted as a first-class program language at Google I/O, but the lack of experts on the market may cause the talent gap to become even wider.

Furthermore if you need any help, expert opinion or any consultancy feel free to get in touch with me via email

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I would add to this this excellent article written back in 2016:

To be honest, as I developer with Java experience since 2000, I found Java and Kotlincode quite similar (in that article there is a code example showing that in fact the code is very similar; you have to get familiar with declaring variables, you have to get used with the : syntax :smile: )

But I still prefer good old Java. Why?

Mainly because I find it easier to read a Java code, it seems to be more logic to understand.

And also because extendability, you can find a lot of components on the internet, ready-to-use to add to your app.

Also, you can find a lot of tools you can use for coding/building/compiling/integrating/testing in Java, but not so many for Kotlin…which is a great plus for me as a Java developer.

Or maybe I am too conservative :slight_smile: this is possible too :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing such a valuable and informative article. Really appreciate it. :+1: