Using KingComposer in themes for sale

Hello !
I am planning to give KingComposer a try, and include it as page builder in my themes.
From what I see on plugin’s page, I can include free version in a theme for sale.
My question is, if I include free version of the plugin in my theme, will I be able to add custom elements to builder ?
(Just in the way we were doing it with VisualComposer)
And migration from VC extension plugin to KC extension plugin will be an easy job ?
Thank you !

Update: Moving plugin from Visual Composer to KC took 30 minutes, just some replacements.
So, main question now is: Can i sell themes which include KingComposer Free as page builder ?


Yes you actually can it is possible.
You just need to let it be installed remote and you are done :slight_smile:

That’s great ! Thank you !

You should also check out the Elementor Page Builder: There are also some add-ons available on codecanyon if you want even more options.

Yes, you can include it using the TGM. You can also extend it creating a plugin and installing it with TGM too. I did it on my Vitae WordPress Theme, with a “Vitae Theme Features” plugin.