Using JavaScript url instead of file within wordpress themes

Hi i created new wordpress plugin for CondeCanyon i need using Jquery-UI file. Does i can use the jquery-Ui url from official website instead of download it to my plugin js folder?

You should enqueue jQuery-UI directly from the built in version in WordPress, that way if any other plugins, or the theme are enqueing it, it only happens once. If you enqueue your own version you risk double loading jQuery-UI on the site.

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WordPress has UI built in -

You would need to enqueue your own css file for the styling.

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Thank i searched within wordpress built in jas files i can’t find jquerUi file. if wordpress contains this file it is easy for enqueue it

Thank i know use this function but told may be the jqueryUI file or script don’t integrated with wordpress

It’s listed right here, jquery-ui-core