Using Isotope in Themeforest

I want to use the plugin “Isotope” in my themeforest items (I purchased Isotope License).

But I have some question before:

  1. How to include Isotope in the main file for buyers ? ( what to upload and what to don’t upload)


JS file would be enough but you can skip adding the license.txt as long as you make a statement either in your documentation or in the item details page

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Thanks a lots!

I just bought License Isotope, but I don’t understand your answer, what do you mean?

Sorry, because I don’t understand about submitting the Isotope License to themeforest.

There’s license.txt file inside of the zip ( if you downloaded the full zip ) You can upload the license.txt inside of the ALL-Files.ZIP as well ( while you’re uploading the item to TF / CC )

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Thank you for the help…

Thank you very much before you helped me.

But I only get the file (Isotope v3 Commercial Developer License.pdf). This means that the file (Isotope v3 Commercial Developer License.pdf) I entered into my theme zip package?