Using iFrame with bootstrap in Mobirise

I have made a Mobirise index.html page and inside the header there is a button to go to another page: provider.html. This page has only a header module with 5 buttons. One to go back to the index page (top), one to also go back to the index page bottom (contactpage), one to go back to the index.html page, one to show a menu vertical with about 20 choices, and the last button is the same with other products from providers. Both last two are the same sort of page. Click on a menu item and then the rest of this page is filled with an iframe containing the website of the chosen provider, But it should be possible to see them in all the windows of bootstrap and preferrable if it is a phone it should be set to a landscape vview.
Is this feasable or does it already exists??
Love to hear the comments on this and hopefully I do get answers how to make this happen.
Thanks for your answers en greatings from an old man who is still in love with computer development although I’m already 74 years old. :slight_smile: