using gulp and other tool to build a theme. Is it allowed?

Hi, I am building a theme, it started as a personal project but I am planning to submit to themeforest.

I used those tools in the theme:

Is this allowed for envato? If so should I include all the pack in the theme or only the generated, minified, files?
For example for Javascript I have several classes divided in modules, but the final file is a main.js minified and converted with Babel to be compatible with browser who don’t support ES6.

Thanks in advance, I have been a user of the website but I never submitted a theme so I am not sure what to do.

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Use can use what you like to build but you need to include sources for JS and unminified versions

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Sure, we have a workflow using gulp to build our plugins.

  • Convert SCSS files
  • Replace placeholders (i.e. plugin version, urls, name…) , which are configured within a configuration file
  • Convert Jade templates for documentation
  • Zip everything for upload

Output of the process are packages/files which can be directly uploaded to Envato, so we don’t need to create theme manually.

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Thank you guys!

I hope I will be able to submit here.