Using Excerpt function with Visual composer

Dear All
My name is Quang from Ho Chi Minh city. I am new wordpresser.

I want to create hompage with many subject of many post. And each subject just display a short description for it. If the user want to read more content of any subject, then they can click on the Image or the Title of that post.

For this purpose, i use Visual composer to make 2 column. The left column is for Image and the right column is for Short descripttion and Title. But I have meet the PROBLEM when i start for this idea:

The first problem is: The right column alway display full information. But I just want it display a short discription for the information. There is just 1 way to see full content is CLICK ON TITLE or IMAGE. --> Does Visual composer support this idea? How can i do it as my idea with excerpt function on tje right column?

The second problem is: Can you show me How the user can see full content when they click the Image on the right coumn?

About My idea, I want my website look like the same homepage of as in attachment.

Please help me.
Have a nice day
Le Duy Quang