Using Evato license terms as my own terms of use outside of Envato?

This may be a dumb question. Forgive me. BUT…
I would like to write my own license terms of use for licensing music for commercial use independently (not through AudioJungle). Is there an issue if I copy the wording and terms from Envato’s described terms of use to make my own terms of use document with my own variations? Are the terms of use copyrighted material? I know people do this all the time, but I am unsure of the possible consequences or issues with doing that. Obviously I know plagiarizing is wrong, but would this be a big deal? License terms are freely available and distributed to the public. I can’t see anyone coming after me for copying their license terms since it is not an end product that can really be exploited such as a song or lyrics, but I could be wrong… ? I would prefer not to pay for an entertainment lawyer.


License terms, conditions, legal policies, etc. are under copyright because those count as written work. It’s always better to stay on the safe side. You could find similar licenses online free to use, there were many platforms offering those. Another thing you could do is simply outline what matters and use ChatGPT to shape it out for you, and then pull that through plagiarism check tools.