Using Envato Market Plugin with "Travelicious - Tour Operator Theme" with (Single Use OAuth Personal Token)


Have a fews questions about using Envato Market Plugin with “Travelicious - Tour Operator Theme” with (Single Use OAuth Personal Token) please?

Does anyone have a walkthrough on the steps after Adding an Envato Market Item under the (Single Use OAuth Personal Token) section?

So it would be sort of like this fellow’s walkthrough, but with setting up for single authorisation, rather than global:

The issue being, is that the client currently maintains their own site, and we purchased the theme in our own account, and would like the client to have auto updates enabled for their theme (and nothing else).

Any advice is most welcome, thank you in advance!

You should make your client to buy his own license. This is like the number 1 mistake when developing a site based on the theme for a client. Never do that, for sake of your client and your own (unless you want to be bothered like two years from now when the client will require support/updates for the theme).

Try to contact the author, maybe he will be willing to refund your purchase if your client purchases his own license.


as far I know your created personal token will work for both global and/or single item authentication. So, you can use your personal toekn to authenticate single item for your client just you have to set your pursonal toekn in Token field and you will additionally requires to add envato market item id (in your case your cleint website using item id).

To avoide this things always better to purchase item from the website owner envato account.