Using envato elements themes and plugins on wordpress multisite

Do the license for envato elements allow me to use any wordpress theme and plugin from envato elements on a wordpress multisite that is using Subdomain or Subdirectory?

Am I allowed to sell a Subdomain or Subdirectory site that is using a theme and/or plugins from envato elements?



Yes, you can use any wordpress theme and plugin from envato elements on a wordpress multisite.

Yes, you can sell as like you are a freelancer and you sales websites to your client. But in this case your client will face problem because they will not be able to download update version of the themes and plugins.


Just to be clear if the multi site is a series of different websites all housed on the same single parent setup (this would be a bit of a nightmare of you are selling the other ones) then each individual website would need its own license (copy downloaded from elements).

Hello! And thank you for your answers.

I have two different setups in mind:

Setup 1) One theme and a set of different plugins. All subsites will look exactly the same, and use the same theme and plugins - every site is simply a copy of a main site.

Setup 2) Different themes and plugins will be used for each subsite.

Same structure will be used in both setups (subdirectory):
domain :
subsite 1 :
subsite … :

In both cases the subsites will be offered and sold to customers and clients, they will however not manage and update them, this will be handled by me

Domain mapping will not be used.

My interpretation of your answers is that I am allowed to use WP themes and plugins from envato elements according to my above description, do you agree?


Yes but

  1. you need a new license for each site (subdirectory) and
  2. you will need to be subscribed to elements at the time that each site (subdirectory) is built and completed.

I don’t see any limitation to use a Wordpress Plugin or a Theme from envato since its made it for Wordpress. Many of Themes or Plugins are made it for Wordpress multisite. And by using Wordpress Multisite were is the limitation to be used only in a single domain ?

Whats the difference between one CodeCanyon Wordpress Plugin and a PHP Script (I mean only by license). On CodeCanyon are more than one script who is made it to be used with more than one single domain with regular licence. Examples:

Architect - HTML and Site Builder (has the option to be used with multiple domain (1 site - 1 domain)

Tmail-multi-domain-temporary-email-system (add multiple domains)

AdLinkFly - Monetized URL Shortener

And many other examples.

I saw many answers that are saying if you are using more than one domain you need to have Extended License, but if you use it by subdomains its fine. Whats the difference ?

Adding one Envato template for wordpress and using it with multisite option is the same as i use # Architect - HTML and Site Builder

Thank you.

It depends on a lot of things but there is no such thing as a multi-use license especially when it comes to themes etc.

Extended is ONLY about how a website works i.e. if it is being monetised and not in relation to the volume of sites.

Most authors now use API to restrict multi domain installation (themes, plugins, scripts)

Your examples above are from CodeCanyon and (without looking in detail) are a different from themeforest themes or sites I.e a url builder is a single end product even if the links it produces are used in multiple places.

Also the thread above refers to items from envato elements and not the main marketplaces, so there are different restrictions to adhere to

Hi All,

I have read so many answers but I am new in these Envato elements. I want to know if I use any Wordpress theme, images, or any HTML content, etc, so I can use it for so many websites? I want to use to start my selling for my freelance work, it can be possible i use one theme on a different website. if I will register for a different project with one theme then it asks for a website name or email id?